Sunday, February 1, 2009

A first look into Android Thread

I have started looking into Android. Late to join the show? well, may be, but surely its pretty exciting.

I have tried to build a utility class that can do Network I/O. And grasping things was little hard at first. Network I/O or other heavy-duty stuff in Android should be done on other worker thread. Because doing it in main thread (or the UI thread) can ( and will ) make your application unresponsive and may be killed as the system is persuaded to think that it has hung. For every Android developer, this is a must-read.

So you have to do the long running operations in separate thread. And to interact between threads you have to resort to Handler. A Handler is used to send message or runnable to a particular thread. The thing to remember is that a Handler is associated with the MessageQueue of the single thread which has created it. After creating a Handler, it can be used to post message or runnable to that particular thread.

Here is an example

public class MyActivity extends Activity {

void startHeavyDutyStuff() {

// Here is the heavy-duty thread
Thread t = new Thread() {

public void run() {
while (true) {

mResults = doSomethingExpensive();

//Send update to the main thread
messageHandler.sendMessage(Message.obtain(messageHandler, mResults));


// Instantiating the Handler associated with the main thread.
private Handler messageHandler = new Handler() {

public void handleMessage(Message msg) {
switch(msg.what) {
//handle update


So what is done here? Very simple. A Handler has been created which is bound to the message queue of the main thread. And by using the handler, from the heavy-duty, worker thread we send message to the main thread to be processed.

Feeling like drinking from hose-pipe? Dont worry, I'll post more realistic example soon.


Topher said...

Hey- I just wanted you to know that your article was really helpful when I was starting my first Android app. Thanks!

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Jamie said...

Perfect - just what I was looking for! Thank you!

yn0t said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I've been trying to figure out how to allow my child thread to communicate with my parent thread for a couple weeks now! All I needed was a quick example just like above!

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